Protecting you and your family with French Insurance

We all want the best for our families and residing in France you want to make certain that this applies to the insurance coverage that you and your family will require.

Whilst living in France you will be exposed to different rules and regulations which will be strange and unfamilier – this will apply to insurance matters as well. For instance :

■ School Insurance  ■ Top-up Health Insurance    ■ Private Accident

When you move to France it is important to understand how the French
health system works and we are here to help and guide you to ensure that
you have the right insurance cover for you and your family’s needs.
   ■   Plans with no medical questionnaire

   ■   Solutions for all needs, direct liaison Assurance Maladie/CMU/RSI/RAM

   ■   Automatic settlement hospital bills and rapid reimbursement

   ■   Affordable  policies for all

   ■   ‘Loi Madelin’ applicable

Expats Private medical Insurance in France

In partnership with APRIL International, we provide specific insurance solutions for travelling or staying outside your country of nationality. Designed for either short or long stays, APRIL International’s insurance policies offer protection against any problems that might arise before departure or during your time abroad: cancelling your trip, medical expenses following an illness or accident, needing to be repatriated, causing damage to a third party or losing your luggage. APRIL International provides insurance solutions to suit your profile and with the flexibility to meet your insurance needs.

   ■   Choice of cover

   ■   Full information packs in English

   ■   Specialised Expats French health insurance provider

   ■   Well known & recognised Insurers

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Many other products are available, do not hesitate to contact us !

Getting your French insurance quotation

We consider that you and your insurance needs are unique. To determine your exact requirements and to provide you with a personalised quotation we would welcome speaking with you directly. Our friendly & fluent English speaking personnel are avaiblable Monday to Friday so please Contact us.

 For answers to all your queries about insurance in France please get in touch with one of our friendly English speaking team at Agence Eaton French Insurance :

Within France : 02 97 40 80 20         Outside France :   00 33 297 40 80 20

Or alternatively request that we call you back « Please click here for a Free Call-Back »