Other French Insurance policies and other services available

Legal protection

Protect your rights and your French assetts, our specialists in law assist you in solving legal problems in France. Different policies & options to choose from. Premium from only 60€ per annum.

Intruder devices

1000 break-ins a day throughout France !

Are you really doing your best to avoid a very unpleasant and stressful experience ?

You might have good reasons to think that this is unlikely to happen to you : quiet Hamlet, very watchful neighbours, difficult access… but the truth is we are all vulnerable.

The intruder detector we propose has been created by Verisure (Securitas Direct) and the price has been negotiated on your behalf by Générali.

The cost of the system varies due to the nature of the property but starts from only 218,90€ for the equipment and installation with a monthly fee from 31,90€.

To see how you will gain peace of mind with this alarm, click on the link for details in English  >>Verisure détails

NEW in 2018 : FREE Survey flood, fire, intrusion FREE survey report

Travel Insurance

Yearly or temporary plans for private & business.  Europe and Worldwide cover. No age limits. Cancellation options. Repatriation.

Private Accident Insurance

If you currently reside in France and you are under 74, with or without an occupation & living on a moderate budget, this policy is essential.

 In summary, it provides financial help after suffering an accident. Without this policy you run the risk everyday of putting yourself in a tragic financial situation.

 This policy provides cover for accidents that could occur in your leisure time – at home, at school, on holiday in France or abroad, gardening, crossing the road, DIY, sports, aggressions, medical errors…

 In the event of an accident covered, the policy pays towards : • the loss of standard of living

• cosmetic loss / pain & suffering • costs of adapting your home and car up to 100 000 €

 It will allow you to ease living with your disability, minimise relying on your family or acquaintances for their assistance and help you to conserve your dignity.

 The policy also pays a minimum of 45,000 € in case of death

and funeral expenses up to 5,000 €.

 You will also benefit from the services of Europ Assistance (home help..) and a legal assistance for up to 8000 €.

 Compensation up to 1 Million Euros in total

 The total yearly premium is only :

  • 153 € per annum for an individual plan
  • 263 € per annum for couple/family plan

School insurance     

Required by your local school, two formulas available. To include civil liability, medical expenses – glasses included,  home assistance.

Leisure activities insurance

Motor or sailing boats registered in France or abroad.


Mobile Home Insurance

Protect your Mobile Home in France.

Funeral Costs Insurance

Cover from 2,000 €, tax exempt, no medical questionnaire, choice of beneficiary.

Financial Planning Insurance and Mortgage Life Insurance

Access to the range of investment packages & life insurances proposed by ‘Generali Vie’. Advise us of your particular concerns or requirements so we may identify the most suitable solution to protect you and your family.

New : Mortgage Life Insurance available for French and Non French residents.

Pet insurance

4 different formulas to choose from. Illness and/or Accidents. Cats and Dogs up to the age of 8. Funeral cost included with 1st Formula.

From 11€ per month !



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