French car insurance

We have a range of policies to suit your vehicle insurance needs in France.

  • Free unlimited access to your English speaking advisors
  • Transfer your current level of no-claims bonus (from French or non French Insurer)
  • Automatic yearly ‘Green card’
  • Europe Assistance including home start
  • Bespoke  cover to suit you and your vehicle
  • Low cost, limited 4000/8000 km policy
  • Quality service when you really need it.

Getting your French car insurance quotation

For answers to all your queries about car insurance in France please get in touch with one of our friendly English speaking team at Agence Eaton French Insurance :  Contact us

We consider that you and your insurance needs are unique. To determine your exact requirements and to provide you with a personalised quotation we would welcome speaking with you directly on
+33 (0)2 97 40 80 20 .


Cover for UK registered cars in France.

We can provide a temporary insurance cover for UK registered cars. Contact us

Download our bilingual ‘Constat’ amiable  (pdf)

This is the document that both parties must fill in and sign after being involved in an accident.