What is insurance ?

The concept of insurance originates from a simple yet complex idea: managing uncertainty about the future by protecting against risks, perhaps remote but nonetheless predictable, and by sharing the costs among individuals with the same needs.

The following questions are commonly asked by our clients. Some are particular to French Insurance policies themselves and some are guidance offered to you regarding your new life in France.

q  Do I need to inform you when I drive my car back to the UK for a holiday ?
a  No, not at all. The cover you have in France will be the same in the UK & your ‘Europ Assistance’ cover will also function.
q Can I protect my no-claims bonus ?
a Yes, once you have held a maximum no claims bonus for 3 years without any fault claims, it is automatically protected.
q I am an pensioner, do I need a top-up medical insurance in France ?
a Yes, in France, the vast majority are covered by a top up policy whether being, employed, unemployed, an old age pensioner….
q I intend to let 2 bedrooms with en suite bathrooms during the summer, can I have a professional policy ?
a To be able to subscribe to a professional insurance policy, you will have to register your business in France. If you are not registered as a professional, we will add a clause to your house insurance policy.
q I am planning to install by myself a log burning stove, what are the ramifications ?
a You should inform your Insurer and receive in writing an acknowledgement of this fact.
q Is it true that I must have my chimney swept once a year even though we rarely use it?
a You are required to maintain your chimney regularly whether you use it or not. In case of a fire originating from your chimney the loss adjustor will most certainly wish to ascertain if the cause was due to a lack of maintenance.
q I am planning to have my property extended , how do I know the artisans I have chosen are correctly insured ?
a Every contractor who builds in France, whether his project concerns a new development or a renovation, must be insured against ‘decennale’ liability. It will cover the work from the date of acceptance of works (réception) for a decade.
It is common practice to ask your artisan for an ‘attestation d’assurance décennale’.
q Why do people subscribe to an ‘assurance scolaire’ & how much do they cost ?
a Between 10€ to 30€ per child depending on the cover. You should verify that an ‘assurance scolaire’ is not already included with your GAV policy (Garanties des Accidents de la Vie). The school insurance can also be added to your home insurance policy.
q When I sign for my property at the Notaire’s office, what document should I present to show that we have insured the property ?
a You will most certainly have a lot of things on your mind that day, to simplify this procedure, we will email your Notaire the appropriate French property insurance document.


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