The following questions are commonly asked by our clients. Some are particular to French Insurance policies themselves and some are guidance offered to you regarding your new life in France.

q  Do I need to inform you when I drive my car back to the UK for a holiday ?
a  No, not at all. The cover you have in France will be the same in the UK & your ‘Europ Assistance’ cover will also function.
q Can I protect my no-claims bonus ?
a Yes, once you have held a maximum no claims bonus for 3 years without any fault claims, it is automatically protected.
q I am an pensioner, do I need a top-up medical insurance in France ?
a Yes, in France, the vast majority are covered by a top up policy whether being, employed, unemployed, an old age pensioner….
q I intend to let 2 bedrooms with en suite bathrooms during the summer, can I have a professional policy ?
a To be able to subscribe to a professional insurance policy, you will have to register your business in France.
q I am planning to install by myself a log burning stove, what are the ramifications ?
a You should inform your Insurer and receive in writing an acknowledgement of this fact.
q Is it true that I must have my chimney swept once a year even though we rarely use it?
a You are required to maintain your chimney regularly whether you use it or not. In case of a fire originating from your chimney the loss adjustor will most certainly wish to ascertain if the cause was due to a lack of maintenance.
q I am planning to have my property extended , how do I know the artisans I have chosen are correctly insured ?
a Every contractor who builds in France, whether his project concerns a new development or a renovation, must be insured against ‘decennale’ liability. It will cover the work from the date of acceptance of works (réception) for a decade.
It is common practice to ask your artisan for an ‘attestation d’assurance décennale’.
q Why do people subscribe to an ‘assurance scolaire’ & how much do they cost ?
a Between 10€ to 30€ per child depending on the cover. You should verify that an ‘assurance scolaire’ is not included with your GAV policy (Garanties des Accidents de la Vie).
q When I sign for my property at the Notaire’s office, what document should I present to show that we have insured the property ?
a You will most certainly have a lot of things on your mind that day, to simplify this procedure, we will email your Notaire the appropriate French property insurance document.


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