Security for your French home – Don’t leave it to chance !

Holiday homes and principle address : 1000 break-ins a day throughout France !

Are you really doing your best to avoid a very unpleasant and stressful experience ?

You might have good reasons to think that this is unlikely to happen to you : quiet Hamlet, very watchful neighbours, difficult access… but the truth is we are all vulnerable.

The intruder detector we propose has been created by Verisure (Securitas Direct) and the price has been negotiated on your behalf by Générali.

The cost of the system varies due to the nature of the property but starts from only 218,90€ for the equipment and installation with a monthly fee from 31,90€.

To see how you will gain peace of mind with this alarm, click on the link for details in English  Verisure details

Control the security of your property, protect your family, call us directly on +33 (0) 2 97 40 80 20  to obtain your free, personalised and non committal quotation.

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