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Lucy – 50 Manche

Thank you very much, your service in relation to this claim has been fantastic.

Much appreciated. Have a good weekend.

Mark C. 19 Corrèze

I just wanted to say a huge thanks for all your help, as always – you really do provide a fantastic service and we really appreciate it.

Stuart S, département 91 Essonne

Thank you for your services and helping us when we are feeling so desperate. I will not forget this. Thank you for your time and work regarding our accident.

David H. 56 Morbihan

The Europ assistance system worked perfectly. Got to an English speaker at Generali/Europ assistance  very quickly. telling him the location was easy – we were at the petrol station of a huge Carrefor at Zafra. Advised help would arrive in 60 to 90minutes. A few minutes later had a call from a different person at Generali who checked details and said the breakdown truck would arive in thirty minutes. It did. Driver parked on the Carrefor car park, walked over to us and asked for the ignition key. got in drivers seat, put in key and started the engine first time. Ouch! Have stopped and started several times since then without problem. Very impressed with Europ assistance/Generali’s service.

Nathalie B. 24 Dordogne

10/10. My claim was dealt with quickly and efficiently. I had no problems with arranging the repair to the car and the car was returned very quickly. Very good service througout.

Paul N. 21 Côte d’Or

10/10 Because I am able to contact you in English and because the people I deal with are very helpful. The prices are reasonable also.

Elizabeth B, 83 Var

Prêt à recommander Generali : 10 / 10
I always find Agence Eaton very helpful and efficient. Also, it is much easier if I can communicate in English especially when dealing with important procedures and documents.

Piers N. Paris

Gordon and the team at Agence Arradon are outstanding, can solve all problems including World Peace and who will win the US election, Cheers,

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