CAR INSURANCE CLAIMS/ FREE European Accident Statement (constat amiable)


Don’t get angry, be polite, keep calm ! Wear your reflective jacket and secure the accident with the warning triangle.

Since 1996, we have assisted English speakers throughout France following accidents. The correct completion of the ‘constat amiable’ is of primary importance, it should be kept in your car together with your green card (attestation d’assurance).

Now to help you, download here the FREE bilingual French-English version of the European Accident Statement :
eaton-french-insurance-constat amiable-auto-Français-Anglais-1

  • Note the information/identity about the adverse party mentioned on the green card: Name, address, insurance company, policy number, registration number…
  • Note the identity and address of the potential witnesses.
  • Read carefully the form before filling in the sections. Then put a cross in each of the boxes relevant to the circumstances of the accident. Do not forget to indicate the number of boxes you ticked at the bottom of the column.
  • Feel free to complete the box ‘Observations’ to help your Insurer understand the circumstances.
  • Draw a plan of the accident at the time of impact.
  • Sign the report when you are sure that you understand the situation and agree to the description made.

Contact the police :

  • in case of an hit and run offence
  • in case of injuries
  • in case of alcohol


In case of emergency (accident/breakdown) please call 24h a day 7 days a week

Tel within France 01 41 85 84 83

Tel from abroad +33 1 41 85 84 83

Please quote your policy number or your car registration number when you call.