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GAV ! Private Accident Policy !

This relatively new type of Policy has been encouraged by the Government and has been greatly received by all social sectors.

The chief aim of the policy is to provide Financial assistance after a domestic/leisure time accident : at home, school, on Holiday in France or abroad, gardening, crossing the road, DIY, sports, aggressions, medical errors…

With over 11 million accidents a year, 50% happen at home !

This Policy has been identified of Paramount importance to all French résidents.

  • Offering Financial protection,
  • Easing the difficulties if living with a disablement,
  • Helping conserving dignity

For less than 50 cts a day !

New Law on smoke detectors


ALL households are required to be fitted with smoke detectors by 8 March 2015.

Property owners and occupants are responsible for the installation and/or the maintenance of the detectors (DAAF : Détecteur Avertisseur de Fumée) by that date.

It should significantly reduce the unnecessary loss of life, prevent injuries and minimize damage by alerting you to a fire as early as possible.

You have to equip your property with at least one smoke detector. Please make sure  :

  • it conforms to the French norm NF EN 14604
  • it is marked with the CE notation
  • it emits a sound/alarm of at least 85 dB (A) audible at three metres
  • it includes a power indicator;jsessionid=8A9C9C7652E15D7019D95D42AD7EEF14.tpdjo10v_3?cidTexte=JORFTEXT000027169390&categorieLien=id

Générali advantages : 

If you are a Générali client,  purchase a Kidde detector (and benefit from up to 20% discount) by calling 01 49 39 41 43 or on line

Their products comply with the current legislation.

Mortgage Life Insurance

NEW !!!  Mortgage Life Insurance cover available to French and Non French residents.  Contact us !

CAR INSURANCE CLAIMS/ FREE European Accident Statement (constat amiable)


Don’t get angry, be polite, keep calm ! Wear your reflective jacket and secure the accident with the warning triangle.

Since 1996, we have assisted English speakers throughout France following accidents. The correct completion of the ‘constat amiable’ is of primary importance, it should be kept in your car together with your green card (attestation d’assurance).

Now to help you, download here the FREE bilingual French-English version of the European Accident Statement :
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